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Why I Am Running

I am a concerned citizen running for American Fork City Council. I am committed to serving our community by voting for responsible fiscal policies and transparency in government.  I did exactly this once before as a State Representative serving American Fork, Lehi, Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain.  My top priority is rolling back the 40% property tax increase and stopping the super high risk $40M fiber project. We don't need anymore debt after the $30M RDA bond past last summer. 

I love American Fork. It is my home.  I have raised my family of six kids here.  We have a bright future, but I need your help to make it a reality.  


Join us in our campaign for a better tomorrow.

Rollback Excessive Property Tax Increase

I will work to roll back the 40% tax increase. 
  • If our City doesn't front $9M for the fiber project
  • Then there is absolutely no reason for a tax  increase--NONE! 
What they should have done:
  • Is put the $40M fiber bond up for a vote of the citizens
  • Before slipping the $9M front money into the Fiber Company Contract authorization vote. 

I will do better.

True Transparency

Our City needs to be up front with information.   The City has not been very generous communicating that the fiber network will cost $40M.  The City hasn't communicated how they are smarter than the other Utah cities that have jumped into fiber projects and been forced to pay over $280M in tax payer money to cover their debt obligations.      

I will be open & honest

even when it challenges my point of view. 

Improve Communications with Citizens

A couple days' notice is insufficient communication
for major issues such as:
  • $30M RDA Bond  or
  • $9M Fiber Front Money authorization from General Fund.  

I will not be a minimalist when it comes to communicating with you.

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